General Structure of Areas during 1843


A vast and industrialized nation, focused on utilizing new materials found through colonization. Because the Industrial Revolution began through the Coalition of Industrialists, England has become the epitome of mechanization and innovate technology for everyday use.


Due to the large number of internal conflicts throughout, Russia has quickly become the central leader in Arms Manufacturing and Industrialized Warfare. Due to the lack of surplus materials within their borders, many Russian industrialists create weapons which are simple and efficient; leading to their American and Central European success.


By establishing itself as the principle trading empire, Asia has lead the transportation industry since the creation of the modern steam engine. Much of the world’s luxury and medicinal trade relies on the Eastern Empire, as well as the profitable drug market. In order to increase profits, Chinese Engineers have developed steam-fueled clockwork engines, which have been a success in their underground market.


Unable to conquer the West due to a Russian-fueled Civil War, America has been reduced to a nation of simple farmers due to Scorched Earth Tactics implemented in the war. However, this turn of events has lead America to become the breadbasket for many other nations; reducing their costs for industrialized goods.

The Vatican:

Seizing the opportunity, the Vatican has become a liberator for all nationalities, smuggling recent and generous converts into their desired nation. With the largest defense batteries in the World, The Vatican Islands are nearly impervious to attack, leading to a large amount of animosity between The Church and the rest of the World.

General Structure of Areas during 1843

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