Important Inventions

Clockwork Mechanics:

As part of the Industrial Revolution, the theories and principles behind clockwork were applied to propulsion and general mechanics. The most common applications lie in the creation of the automatic rifle and the improvement of steam engines. Clockwork Mechanics have become increasing prevalent throughout the Industrial Revolution, leading the Chinese Empire to commission a “silent airship” powered solely by gears.

Steam Engine:

After James Watt’s initial failure, Matthew Boulton stole their designs and sold their patents to Johnathan Kellet for permanent patronage. Now an integral part of society due to research funded by Kellet, the Steam Engine proves to be the greatest invention of the 19th Century.

Telegraphic Broadcasting:

For the past decade, Morse Code has been a second language for the industrialized world, as Telegraphs became the primary form of News Distribution via large speakers throughout cities. However, many English industries are focusing research towards Vocal Broadcasting, hoping to remove the incessant screeching from London’s streets while creating a massive profit through upgrades.

Air Travel:

A result of the prevalence Steam Engines, Clockwork Mechanics, and the Manufacturing of lighter-than-air gases; Air Travel has revolutionized trade throughout the World. Discovered first by the Chinese, helium proved to be essential in revitalizing their trade market amidst a depression. Benjamen Jackson is widely (though never officially) credited for the birth of the English Airship Industry.__

Important Inventions

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